The registration of products under global listing with the National Agency for Food Drug Administrative Control (NAFDAC) is only applicable to food and cosmetics items produced in large quantities. The NAFDAC Global Listing license or permit is relevant where an importer or supermarket’s owner intends to import branded items into Nigeria in large quantities.

It is very necessary to emphasize that no cosmetics product shall be manufactured, imported, exported, advertised, sold or distributed in Nigeria unless it has been registered in accordance with the provisions of Food, Drugs, and Related Products (Registration, etc.) Act Cap F33 LFN 2004.

The applicant for a Global Listing Permit is expected to have an already established warehouse and sales outlet. The reason is that the permit is only applicable to a large number of items. The quantity of each item to be imported shall not exceed 3000 cartons per annum in its original cartons, although there is no limit to the quantities of each item to be imported per shipment provided. For small and medium supermarket, the quantity of each item to be imported shall not exceed the maximum of 100 cartons of 100 units per shipment and shall not exceed 2500 cartons in total per annum.

Required Documentation for Global Listing

An application for the global listing shall be made with three (3) copies of inventory of products to be imported for the year stating the following;

  • Name or Description of product
  • Brand of product
  • Origin of product
  • Units/Pack e.g. 10 X 125g
  • Pack type e.g. can, sachet, bottle
  • Number of cartons (per item, per shipment)
  • Total products.

The application for Global Listing approval shall also be accompanied by the following:

  • Duly completed Listing Form “NAFDAC/1005”
  • A Certificate of Analysis for each product shall be made available, where applicable from the manufacturer or a Government approved analyst from the country of origin.
  • Certificate of Company Incorporation in Nigeria and Form C07 (Particulars of Directors)
  • Receipt for Application Form purchased.
  • Introduction Letter/Confirmation of Membership from National Association of Supermarket Operators of Nigeria (NASON) (Optional).

Inspection of Establishment

A request for inspection of facility or establishment for the global listing of food/cosmetics products must be received from the Registration and Regulatory Affairs Directorate (R&R) before the inspection can be conducted. Inspection must be carried out to obtain Global Listing Approval.

Conditions for Global Listing & Inspection

  • Supermarkets or stores will be inspected by the Establishment Inspection Directorate upon submission of an application form and evidence of payment of inspection fee.
  • Health and Hygiene must be maintained by the Applicant.
  • A register of stock shall be maintained by the Applicant which will be inspected.
  • No expired goods should be displayed or sold by the Applicant.
  • Register of expired products should be kept.
  • Register of a destroyed unwholesome or expired product should be kept.
  • Food items should be displayed away from toiletries and chemical-based items.
  • Pet food must be displayed separately and should be isolated from any other foodstuff.
  • The right temperature should be maintained while storing/displaying chilled and frozen items and such records shall be kept.
  • Food handlers must be medically examined and a fitness certificates should be obtained every six months from a medical practitioner.
  • There should be adequate and competent personnel who have good hygiene and sanitation habits.
  • Food handlers associated with bakery and fresh products must have their hair covered. They must wear appropriate clothing with no jewelry.
  • There shall be standard operating procedures (SOPs) for cleaning premises and equipment.
  • Pesticides and disinfectants used for fumigation and cleaning should be appropriate and safe for humans.

Any unsatisfactory outcome of the inspection will lead to the issuance of compliance directives by NAFDAC and a stop in the process application until the applicant responds satisfactorily to the directives.

Tariffs payable to NAFDAC for the Application of Global Listing Approval

All payments shall be in the bank draft in favor of NAFDAC. Normal port handling charges for inspection, analysis, radiation are to apply in line with the Agency’s Tariff Regulations.

The Annual Global Listing Tariff after satisfactory evaluation of application shall apply.


Factors to be complied with for the application of Global Listing Approval


The labeling of products to be registered for Global Listing with NAFDAC must comply with the Codex Standard for food products while for the cosmetic product; it must comply with international requirements. Any product labeled in a foreign language will not be considered for global listing unless there is provision for the English translation included in the label and package insert.


The operator of a Global Listing permit is required to submit to Port Inspection Directorate (PID) an advance list of items per shipment as approved by the Registration and Regulatory Affairs (R&R) unit.

The Port Inspection Directorate shall randomly sample products for analysis. Consignments will then be released to the importer after physical inspection and sampling have been carried out.  The physical inspection fee shall be charged per consignment, not per container, and shall be implemented by NAFDAC as follows:

  • The Number of containers per consignment from 1-10 will attract a fee of N20, 000 (Twenty Thousand Naira) + 5% Vat.
  • The Number of containers per consignment ranging from 11-20 will attract a fee of N40, 000 (Forty Thousand Naira) + 5% Vat while consignments from 21-30 attract a fee of N60, 000 (Sixty Thousand Naira) + 5% Vat.

It is also important to note that sampled items will be put on hold for 14 days while awaiting laboratory results, after which the goods can be sold.


Global Listing is only applicable to the large number of products to be registered mostly by supermarket operators.

Products banned from importation by the Federal Government are not allowed to be registered under the Global Listing. The listed procedure enunciated above must be complied with in order to obtain the Global Listing Approval in Nigeria.

By Resolution Law Firm