Company Secretarial Services

The firm offers company secretarial services for various companies registered in Nigeria. Our company secretarial services are handled via RLF Nominees Limited, a company duly registered in Nigeria. We provide company secretarial services for companies in diverse sectors of the Nigerian economy, which include oil & gas, information & communication technology, finance, mining among others. [...]

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Corporate & Commercial Law

Corporate & Commercial Law Resolution Law Firm is a top commercial law firm in Lagos and offers a full spectrum of Corporate and Commercial Law services. The services we offer include business formation, corporate advisory, regulatory, and compliance. Business setup in Nigeria sometimes requires the services of professionals who are highly knowledgeable in company [...]

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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Lawyers in Nigeria Resolution Law Firm is an intellectual property law firm in Nigeria. We are accredited Patent and Trademark Attorney in Nigeria with the Nigerian intellectual property law office. The Firm has successfully filed numerous trademarks and patent for both local and foreign individuals and corporation in Nigeria We also offer general [...]

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Maritime Law

Maritime Lawyers in Lagos Resolution Law Firm is a leading maritime law firm in Nigeria actively engaging in Shipping and Maritime Law practice. The shipping industry is one of the important and critical sectors of the Nigeria economy. If you looking forward to engaging the services of a good maritime lawyer in Lagos, you [...]

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Oil and Gas Law

Oil and Gas Lawyers in Nigeria Resolution Law Firm is a leading oil and gas law firm in Nigeria offering legal services and advisory to companies on all aspects of oil &  gas industry in Nigeria. The firm has advised various companies on matters such as licensing, permits and approvals in oil sectors. Our [...]

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Mining Law

Resolution Law Firm maintains team of lawyers who are specialised and have advised various companies on matters relating to mining & energy law in Nigeria. The firm’s mining law practice covers the entire mining ventures in Nigeria. We are able to advise large corporations and newly formed mining companies on the matters relating to [...]

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Family Law

Divorce Lawyers in Lagos Resolution Law Firm maintains top divorce lawyers in Lagos, Nigeria who have represented clients on various law matters across Nigeria. Our divorce lawyers are one of the most sought-for legal practitioners on family matters in Nigeria. Our Family law department has expertise in all aspects of Family Law, which includes [...]

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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Lawyers in Nigeria Resolution Law Firm is a trusted real estate law firm in Lagos. At Resolution Law Firm, our property lawyers in Lagos Nigeria have requisite knowledge and experience on all aspects of real estate transactions. We frequently advise various companies and individuals in respect of property developments and acquisitions. Our [...]

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Tax Law

Resolution law firm maintains the best tax lawyers in in Nigeria that advise clients on various aspects of taxation law.  Tax law deals with the constitutional, statutory and regulatory rules applicable to taxation in Nigeria. Taxes are charged on the income of individuals and companies operating in Nigeria Our tax lawyers in Nigeria strive [...]

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Banking & Finance Law

Banking & Finance Law Law Firm Investment Lawyers in Lagos Resolution law firm is a leading finance law firm in Nigeria offers banking and financial law services. The firm engages in different aspects of services on borrowing and lending money. Our services include representation of banks, other financial organizations and different corporations in lending [...]

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Immigration Law

Resolution Law Firm is a leading immigration law firm in Nigeria and actively engages in Immigration Law practice. Our immigration law practice essentially focuses on assisting foreigners seeking to do business in Nigeria and obtain necessary permits like Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card (CERPAC). We represent foreign nationals and entities that seek [...]

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Labour & Employment Law

Resolution Law Firm is a leading labour law firm in Lagos Nigeria, offering various legal services on labour and employment matters in Nigeria. Our Labour and Employment Law department has proved itself as a leader in the field of Labour and Employment. We offer services to clients on broad range of employment related matters. [...]

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Debt Recovery & Restructuring

DEBT RECOVERY & DEBT RESTRUCTURING At Resolution Law Firm, we frequently engage in debt recovery. Our debt recovery lawyers in Lagos, Nigeria have expertise in this area and understand the crippling effect trapped funds have on the any business. Debt recovery is no doubt a critical aspects of legal practice that requires different strategies. Our debt [...]

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Entertainment & Sports Law

Resolution Law Firm is top sports and entertainment law firm in Nigeria advising sport and entertainments participants on legal matters in the sector. We add immense values to our sports and entertainment clients by drawing on our experience in the areas of business law and intellectual property law. Whether working with individual entertainers, artists, producers, [...]

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Government and Regulatory Law

Resolution Law Firm maintains competent compliance lawyers in Nigeria. Our lawyers render advisory to various local and multinational companies on regulatory requirements in Nigeria. Government regulations have impacts on company business operations; therefore, business owners must comply with various governmental regulations. Apart from general law, there are various specific laws regulating each sector of [...]

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Construction Law

CONSTRUCTION LAW FIRM Resolution law firm is one of the top construction law firm in Nigeria. Our construction lawyers have complete working knowledge of the fundamentals of construction law and litigation, especially as related to the scope-of-work disputes and construction failures. Our firm strives to remain current and updated with new developments in the construction industry [...]

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Human Rights & Criminal Defense

Resolution Law Firm engages in criminal defense and human rights enforcement in Nigeria. Our firm maintains frontline human rights lawyers in Lagos that represent clients in enforcement of fundamental rights through civil action. Our primary focus areas in criminal defense is white collar crimes. We represent clients in both states and federal courts in and around Lagos, Nigeria. [...]

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Aviation Law

Resolution Law Firm is a top aviation law firm in Nigeria acting as legal advisers to clients regarding aircraft acquisition, financing, leasing and insurance and other forms aviation legal advisory services. We provide legal advisory services to international airline operators and investors on the legal and regulatory requirements for establishing and operating airlines in [...]

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FINTECH LAW FIRM IN NIGERIA Resolution Law Firm is a leading ICT law firm in Nigeria that advises various companies participating in the Information, Communication and Technology Law (ICT) sector on the matters relating to licenses to operate in the ICT industry regulatory compliances among others. The Firm also combines its ICT law practice [...]

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