There are several reasons why anyone would want to legalize a certificate or any other documents. Attestation of documents in Nigeria is usually required for documents, which are required to be used for any official or private purpose abroad.

Documents that are issued either by the Local, State or Federal Governments or any other government agency such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of incorporation, educational degree certificates, transcripts, death certificates, and so on, may be required to be authenticated and legalized before they can be used in a foreign country.

Normally, what is expected of an individual by the foreign establishments is to certify that the document, which is borne by such person is an authentic and valid one, and not forged.

Process Involved in Attestation of a Certificate or Document in Nigeria

  • Before the attestation of a certificate or document, a qualified Notary Public must first notarize such a document. This must be done before any authentication takes place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Qualified lawyers always carry out the notarization of documents. It should be noted that the charge for notarization is not fixed, it depends on one’s bargaining power.
  • After the notarization has been concluded, the document would be brought to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, upon which one would be required to authenticate the document.
  • There will be a required payment to be made for the certificate that is sought to be authenticated. The prescribed fee would be paid into the Ministry designated bank account.
  • Upon the completion of the payment, proof of payment (which is normally the bank teller or online payment slip) would be submitted at the Legal Services Department in the Ministry. The applicant may be asked to return to the embassy within a few days to pick up the authenticated documents.
  • If the document involved is an academic certificate or transcript, the document must also be attested at the Federal Ministry of Education, where the applicant can either apply himself or through a lawful attorney only.
  • After the authentication process, the document may be taken to the relevant embassy for legalization where such a process is further required.

In closing, it should be noted that there are different documents that can be legalized, but the step for attestation of various documents are often similar.

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