Money Lenders License in Lagos & Abuja Nigeria

A Money Lending License in Nigeria can be granted to an individual or a corporate body. However, obtaining the moneylender license through a corporate body is more advisable. The money lenders license in Abuja and in other states in Nigeria is obtained or commenced through the Court.

The Money Lending Law of the various states in Nigeria regulates money lending business operations. The step for how to get a money lenders license in Lagos State commences by making a prescribed application to the Chief Magistrate.

For an individual or company to become a legitimate moneylender, the individual or company must obtain the Money Lender License to practice in Nigeria. Section 4 of the MoneyLenders Law Chapter 7 Laws of Lagos State provides that a person who lends money at interest or who lends a sum of money in consideration of a larger sum being repaid shall be presumed to be a money lender until contrary is proven”.

Only persons licensed to be moneylenders by the relevant government authority are permitted to be moneylenders. One of the benefits of being a licensed moneylender is that a moneylender can exercise its right in instituting an action in court to recover the principal loan and accrued interest from a defaulting borrower.

Requirements for the application of a Money Lending License in Lagos.

  1. A cover letter with the Company seal affixed to it
  2. The official address of the Individual applicant or Company.
  3. Office address of the Individual applicant or Company
  4. Certified True Copy of the CAC Incorporation Documents- CAC 2 & or CAC Form 1.1
  5. Memorandum and Article of Association of the Company
  6. Certificate of Incorporation of the Company
  7. Tax Clearance for the individual applicant or Corporate Body, if it is a company newly incorporated, then provide evidence that the company is a registered taxpayer.
  8. Three-year tax clearance for at least 2 directors of the company where the applicant is a company.
  9. Police Clearance for the Individual applicant or directors of the company
  10. Reference Letter from a commercial bank
  11. Visitation and inspection.

Steps and Procedure for applying for a Money Lending License in Lagos

  • An application will be made in the prescribed form to the Chief Magistrate within the magisterial jurisdiction where the business will be carried on with the applicant’s letterhead
  • Such application shall be supported with the relevant documents.
  • Upon the application to the Chief Magistrate, the applicant will be issued a letter and Forms B and C.
  • After obtaining the necessary court documents, the applicant is to make a formal application to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Tourism with the relevant documents.
  • The Applicant shall make a payment of the official fee into the Lagos State Government Account
  • The applicant shall also make payment for the Application Form with the Receipt evidencing payment.
  • The final stage includes the visitation and physical inspection of the intended office by government officials. Upon visitation, if the company in question is already operating in the money lending activities, the books will be inspected in addition to the office.
  • If the company complies with the statutory requirements and upon the government officials’ satisfaction, the applicant will be issued with the Money Lending License.

Renewal of Money Lending License

Money lending Licenses issued by states has a one-year duration. The license must be renewed annually.

The requirements for the renewal of money lenders license

  1. Application for renewal
  2. Moneylenders ordinance (form B) from Magistrate Court
  3. Duly completed and endorse (form C) from Chief Magistrate court
  4. The previous license issued
  5. Updated tax clearance
  6. Evidence of payment of renewal fee.
  7. Re-visitation and inspection.

Requirements for Money Lenders License in Abuja

The application for Money Lenders Licenses in Abuja must also be made to the Court. The applicant must have a money lending company incorporated for such activities, which shall be based in Abuja. 


In conclusion, it is important for any individual or company that intends to carry on money lending services to obtain a license from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Tourism so as to legitimize the business and also to be entitled to an absolute legal remedy.

Finally, a startup company seeking to engage in money lending business through mobile technology must also obtain a money lending license from each and every state the company intends to carry out its business. And due to several requirements and steps involved in obtaining a money lending license, it is desirable to engage an expert, especially lawyers to undertake the process.

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