Resolution Law Firm assist several startups in Nigeria. Our experienced startup lawyers offer a wide range of services for entrepreneurs, either young or experienced, starting up a new venture in Nigeria.

Nigeria is undoubtedly a top place or destination for startups. Many startups, especially the ones in innovative, technological & financial sectors have witnessed booming growth in Nigeria.

Specifically, our startup services include the following:

  • Business formation advisory
  • Intellectual property advisory & registration
  • Business permits and business licenses processing
  • Company registration
  • Company operation advisory
  • Post-incorporation filings
  • Corporate law advisory
  • Preparation of necessary and relevant documents for a startup promoters
  • Review of contractual agreements
  • Capital importation advisory
  • Joint venture advisory
  • General startup advisory

Our law firm has two offices in Lagos and one office in Abuja. We also have legal practitioners in Port Harcourt and other parts of the country. We are strategically positioned to offer swift and excellent services to startups requiring legal services across Nigeria and within. Our startup lawyers in Nigeria are experienced, efficient and always committed to clients’ works.