The Registrar and the register

I. The Registrar of Trade Marks.
2. The register.

Effects of registration and non-registration

3. Effect of non-registration.
4. Registration to be in respect of particular goods.
5. Right given by registration in Part A.
6. Right given by registration in Part B.
7. Saving for vested rights.
8. Saving for use of name, address or description of goods.

Registrability and validity of registration

9. Distinctiveness needed for registration in Part A.
10. Capability of distinguishing trade mark needed for registration in Part B.
II. Deceptive or scandalous matter not registrable.
12. Names of chemical substances not to be registered.
13. Identical and resembling trade marks not be registered.
14. Part A registration conclusively valid after seven years.
15. Disclaimer for purposes of registration.
16. Registration with or without limitation as to colour.

Procedure for and duration of registration

17. Preliminary advice on distinctiveness.
18. Application for registration.
19. Publication of notice of application.
20. Opposition to registration.
21. Appeal from Registrar’s decision on opposed application.
22. Registration.
23. Duration and renewal of registration.
24. Separate registration of part of trade mark.
25. Registration of resembling trade marks as a series.

Assignment and transmission

26. Assignability of trade marks.
27. Power of Registrar to require, or dissolve, association of trade marks.
28. Effect of association of trade marks.

For full law, the Trade marks Act, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria download the pdf below: