The procedure for an authentication marriage certificate in Nigeria involves three major steps. The first step is to obtain the certified true copy (CTC) of the marriage certificate at relevant registry; notarize the marriage certificate with the notary public in Nigeria; the third step is the attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  And in some circumstances, the authenticated marriage certificate may also be taken to the relevant embassy for legalization.

The attestation of a document by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is required before any document originated in Nigeria before it may be tendered or used for any official purposes abroad. Some countries may further demand that such documents be legalized at their embassies in Nigeria.

However, some documents may require additional steps before they can be authenticated at the Foreign Affairs Ministry.  For instance, with regards to the examination result, in other to legalize such a document, it must first be validated by the Ministry of Education before the authentication process at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, follows by legalization at the relevant embassy if required.

An applicant may seek to personally authenticate his/her documents in Nigeria without employing the services of a lawyer, however, where an applicant has employed the services of a lawyer, such attorney will be entitled to charge a legal fee for such works.

Finally, an applicant seeking to legalize a marriage certificate in Nigeria must provide a CTC of the marriage certificate and also issue a Power of Attorney (POA) to an attorney where the services of a lawyer are required to carry out such work.


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