Registration of a company is the first step every individual or entity who chose to do business in Nigeria must take. The legislation governing the company registration process in Nigeria is the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2020 and the government agency administering the CAMA is known as the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Although individuals may on their own attempt to complete part of the incorporation process online, it is always better and faster to use the services of the CAC accredited agents for a seamless incorporation process.

A CAC accredited agent such as the Resolution Law Firm maintains three offices in Nigeria, where it receives applications for company registration. The Firm also assists individuals for incorporations from any part of Nigeria or the world. The Firm’s locations and contact details are as follows:


Ikeja, Lagos:  

Resolution Law Firm

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Lekki, Lagos: Resolution Law Firm

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Abuja Resolution Law Firm

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Phone: 08099223322

The process of company registration with CAC accredited agents

Before any individual commences setting up a company in Nigeria, it is important such an individual firstly acquaint himself or herself with the required documents and requirements for successful company registration in Nigeria. How to register a company with CAC can be a very straightforward process if the procedures are strictly followed. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 18 of the CAMA, a minimum of a member (adult) is required for a company formation in Nigeria.

By and large, every individual or entity  setting up a company in Nigeria or following the process of how to register a company with CAC must, before the commencement of such process, have the followings:

  • The proposed name for the new company to be registered
  • Particulars of a minimum of 1 person to be a member of the company
  • Particulars of a minimum of 1 person to be the first director of the company
  • Particulars of the proposed address for the new company
  • Cost for the company registration- the CAC fee and stamp duty fee in accordance with the share capital of the company.

Finally, it is important to be informed that setting up a company in Nigeria is the first step towards doing business in Nigeria, as there are other requirements stipulated by the law for a successful business setup in Nigeria for every new company. Although an individual may attempt to register its company directly through the CAC portal, it is always advisable to engage an accredited agent to easily navigate the complex process.

By Resolution Law Firm, Nigeria.

The Law Firm is among the CAC Accredited Agents in Lagos, offering company registration services throughout Nigeria.