The procedure for how to verify a Nigerian divorce certificate commences by obtaining a copy of a particular divorce certificate to be verified. To verify divorce status in Nigeria, the applicant or its attorney must personally visit the appropriate court registry where the certificate was issued.

Upon the successful completion of divorce proceedings in Nigeria, the Judge would issue an order of decree nisi, usually through a full judgment of the court dissolving the marriage. The decree nisi would usually become absolute after three months. The decree absolute permanently dissolving the marriage, becomes the final divorce certificate.


A person who wants to verify the genuineness of his divorce certificate can either employ the services of a solicitor to carry out the verification or can conduct the verification personally.

The principal legislation governing divorce proceedings in Nigeria is the Matrimonial Causes Act. The Act provides that a divorce petition in respect of marriage conducted in accordance with the Act can only be instituted in the High Court of a state in Nigeria.

Essentially, the following steps must be followed to verify a divorce certificate in Nigeria:

  1. The decree absolute together with or without the decree nisi should be taken to the registry of the State High Court where the marriage was dissolved and where the order was issued.
  2. The application to search will be made at the court registry, to confirm the genuineness of the divorce documents.
  3. Requisite fees as prescribed at the court’s registry will as well be paid. If a solicitor is hired, the applicant will also pay the solicitor’s professional fees.
  4. Upon confirmation of the genuineness of the divorce certificate, an application may be made for a certified true copy of the decree absolute and the decree nisi evidencing the genuineness of the decree.

As earlier stated, a person can either conduct the above-stated steps personally or employ the services of a Nigerian attorney. It is however best advised that a person should employ the services of a solicitor to carry out the verification to avoid hiccups.

Finally, it is worthy of mention that a Nigerian divorce certificate cannot be verified online. There is no database to verify all divorces in Nigeria. A person or an institution seeking to verify a divorce certificate issued in any Nigerian court must personally apply at the registry of the court or hire a solicitor to do so on its behalf.

By Family Law Firm at Resolution Law Firm. Resolution Law Firm assists individuals and firms to verify Nigerian divorce certificates across various courts in Nigeria