The international law firms in Nigeria are the law firms that offer multi-jurisdictional services from Nigeria. The Nigerian Legal Practitioners Act precludes any lawyer or any person who is not admitted to practice law in Nigeria as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court from practicing law or offering legal services in Nigeria.

However, due to the increasingly globalized world where almost every company now wants to spread their trade and commercial activities across the world, the search for lawyers who can assist with legal practice across multiple jurisdictions is now extremely important.

Therefore, a law firm like Resolution Law Firm strives to offer legal advice to domestic companies or entities who intend to engage in international trade activities. The firm headquartered in Lagos Nigeria also receives international briefs referred to it by foreign companies, individuals, and solicitors on many aspects of law or legal practice in Nigeria.

The Resolution Law Firm is regulated by the Nigerian Bar Association, and all our lawyers in the firm are in good standing at the bar.

Finally, the concept of international law firms in Nigeria connotes offering legal services to foreign entities engaging in any business in Nigeria and assisting the local entities investing abroad on the legal requirements of the foreign land.

Resolution Law Firm maintains two offices at the following addresses in Lagos, Nigeria:

Ikeja, Lagos


3rd Floor, Wuraola House, No 90, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos
Lekki, Lagos


3rd Floor, Lennox Mall,

Plots 2/3, Admiralty Way,

Lekki Phase 1


The Resolution Law Firm can be contacted via the below contact details:

Tel:    +2348099223322