Many people often ask the question of whether there is any difference between court marriage and registry marriage in Nigeria.

The answer to the above is NO. Court and registry marriage are the same marriage process or type of marriage being called different names.

Marriages are not conducted at the court registry, but only at the marriage registry. There are two types of marriage registries to wit: the Federal Marriage Registry e.g. the Federal Marriage Registry at Ikoyi and the Local Government Marriage Registry located at each local council.

The principal laws governing marriages in Nigeria are the Marriage Act of 1914 and Matrimonial Causes Act of 1970.

The marriage conducted in a marriage registry is called the court marriage because once such marriage has been conducted, it can only be dissolved by the State High Court, i.e. it is only the High Court that has jurisdiction over such a marriage.

In conclusion, there is no distinction between court marriage and registered or registry marriage in Nigeria.


By Family Law Team at Resolution Law Firm