Resolution law firm is one of the top construction law firm in Nigeria. Our construction lawyers have complete working knowledge of the fundamentals of construction law and litigation, especially as related to the scope-of-work disputes and construction failures. Our firm strives to remain current and updated with new developments in the construction industry and laws that regulates them.

Our firm has experience with respect to contractor’s claims, surety’s liability for consequential damages, lender liability, delays and disruptions. With our experience in construction litigation, we can identify core issues and the strategies for successfully resolving our client’s dispute.

As a construction law firm in Nigeria, our expertise ranges from dispute resolutions, litigation and we utilize the services of expert construction consultants to assist us in the review of relevant data and analysis of important subject matter in various issues when the need arises.

Specific Construction Areas we specialize in:

  • Legal Advisory
  • Negotiation of Construction Agreements.
  • Litigation of construction disputes
  • Institution of action for wrongful death and personal injury
  • Dispute Resolutions

Our Services:

  • We represent clients in the drafting and negotiation of construction agreements with expertise and skills to protect the interest of our clients.
  • We assist in the institution of legal actions arising out of construction disputes.
  • We resolve construction disputes through the various alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Our firm handles a wide range of construction claims, including those arising from contract disputes, project defaults, bid protests, prevailing wage issues, responsibility issues, and all of the issues that can arise in the course of construction projects.
  • We assist clients in addressing the legal challenges of engaging in the design, development, financing, performance and management of major construction and government contracts.