Resolution Law Firm maintains competent compliance lawyers in Nigeria. Our lawyers render advisory to various local and multinational companies on regulatory requirements in Nigeria.

Government regulations have impacts on company business operations; therefore, business owners must comply with various governmental regulations. Apart from general law, there are various specific laws regulating each sector of the Nigeria economy. Our major work is to guide companies in navigating through all regulatory requirements.

Our corporate solicitors  also advise companies on corporate governance requirements in various sectors of the economy.

Resolution law firm works with various public officials and agencies all across the levels of government in addressing clients’ administrative issues and concerns. We have vast experience in working with the various government agencies on regulatory issues affecting our clients.

Our compliance lawyers in Nigeria have represented corporate clients across several industries such as solid minerals, oil and gas, import & export, intellectual property among others.

We are accredited with various regulatory agencies in Nigeria which include the  Corporate Affairs Commission, Intellectual Property Law Office, Department of Petroleum Resources among others.

Our firm also engage in administrative proceedings and judicial reviews.

Our lawyers also consult with government agencies on drafting and enforcements of regulations.

Our services

  • Working with various clients to navigate regulations applicable to clients’ organization or industry.
  • Assisting individuals and corporations in understanding and complying with the statutory legal requirements.
  • Providing representation to clients before the agencies, boards and commissions at the local, state and national levels.
  • Obtaining on behalf of the clients the various permits and licenses from government agencies and respond to federal regulatory enforcement actions against corporations.
  • Representing clients in administrative hearings and agency proceedings.
  • Advising clients on applications for taxes and corporate status for multinational companies looking to operate business in Nigeria.
  • Advising governments at all levels on enactment of Acts, Laws, By Laws & Regulations and the enforceability.